Nursing Home Medicaid Planning

It’s never too soon to start planning for Medicaid or long-term care, especially when a spouse or parent may need nursing home care.  Unfortunately, many people have yet to plan for long-term care and are routinely misinformed about how Medicaid actually works. Many families are unaware who is eligible or how nursing home Medicaid planning can benefit their spouse or family.  It’s important to choose a Nursing Home Attorney with experience and is dedicated to helping families.

Brent has helped many families throughout our community save tens of thousands of dollars with effective nursing home Medicaid planning.  As a Nursing Home Lawyer, Brent would advise a few key things to remember when it comes to Medicaid –

  • Most of what others tell you about nursing home Medicaid is well meaning but almost always inaccurate.

  • It’s almost never too late to plan; or too soon.

  • Your loved one can still receive Medicaid assistance even after moving to a nursing home without “spending down” all their money.

  • It’s important to recognize legal protections and strategies for the spouse and family of a nursing home resident.  Many times, people are afraid they will lose their home and life savings if their spouse or loved one has to move to a nursing home.  In almost all cases we can insure this will not happen to you.

Numerous financial safeguards are available for elderly people and couples without jeopardizing Nursing Home Medicaid eligibility.  Call Brent today at (816) 233-0257 for your free, no obligation consultation.


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